Hi All,

My name is Laura, well I suppose you assumed that, and I am 25 years old, looking for my passion, and enjoying the journey of finding it.  I am a little bit of an old soul, a little goofy, a lot girly, and a bunch of fun.  I like things that are a outside of the box, beautiful, and positive.  What follows is what I would like to call, ‘if you had to get to know me in 5 minutes,’ and it is a list of my top 25 favorite things and my top 25 not so favorite things.  Here’s to getting to know each other!

Favorite things: (in no particular order)

  1. Warm chocolate chip cookies
  2. Baking chocolate chip cookies
  3. Dresses (seriously, I have a problem)
  4. Polka dots
  5. Being married to a wonderful man
  6. Reading fashion magazines
  7. Good conversation with a friend
  8. Diners, Drive-in’s, & Dives (if you have not seen triple D turn on the foodnetwork asap!)
  9. Shoes (problem #2)
  10. A good glass of wine
  11. Going out to fun restaurants
  12. Looking at awesome photography
  13. Going on walks
  14. My amazing family
  15. Puppies
  16. Martha Stewart
  17. Green tea (problem #3)
  18. Hugs
  19. Sweet Potato Fries
  20. Sharpies!
  21. Spontaneity
  22. Project Runway, The Mentalist, So You Think You Can Dance, House
  23. Tivo for making the above possible
  24. Finding the perfect outfit
  25. USC Football (Fight on!)

Not so Favorite Things: (in no particular order)

  1. Traffic
  2. Angry drivers
  3. Cats (they don’t like me either so this is mutual)
  4. Bananas
  5. Snobby people
  6. Sitting in a seat at an event that is not the seat on my ticket (oh my this may be my all time least favorite, I get so stressed out when someone wants to try and get a better seat…I am so irrational about it really)
  7. Biting the inside of my cheek
  8. Cold weather
  9. Country music
  10. Tomotoes, olives, avacado (I really am not a picky eater, I swear!)
  11. Bosses who are vague in their directions, won’t respond to your emails, and then get upset when something isn’t right
  12. Waiting for water to boil
  13. Spiders
  14. Being late
  15. People who are on their phones during dinner
  16. Dress codes at restaurants
  17. People who take themselves too seriously
  18. Not being taken seriously
  19. Waiting in lines
  20. People in their car who have stopped in the middle of the street to chat with someone and don’t move
  21. Not being able to speak another language
  22. Clutter
  23. Beer
  24. Doubt
  25. When people say ‘good’ when they should say ‘well’

Well, that’s the 5-minute version of getting to know me.

Happy Wednesday!