For years I have been the kind of person who has a great idea, gets really excited about it, and then finds a million reasons why I shouldn’t do it.  Essentially, I create excuses: “I don’t have the time,” “It will cost too much money,” “I am not good enough,” “Someone has already done that,” and on and on.  Well, I am done thinking that way.  I am going to begin coming up with a million and twenty reasons why I should do something.  And that journey starts today.

I recently got married and I had the privilege to work with an amazing photographer, Jeffrey from JNP Studios.  Not only is Jeffrey extremely talented, a great guy, and fun to be around, he sincerely seems to LOVE what he does.  That type of energy is contagious and it is an attitude and enthusiasm I have been searching for myself.  Since my wedding, I have found that I am constantly looking at Jeffrey’s blog and other amazing wedding photographer websites/blogs.  Clearly. my wedding is over so it’s not like I am looking to hire one! But I can’t get enough, I will spend forever looking at photography blogs.

So, back to my original point.  I am going to learn about photography myself, practice, and maybe one day be good enough to be in the same class as Jeffrey.  And this time, this idea, this enthusiasm is going to stick.  I am not going to find reasons why I can’t take up photography and why I can’t get excited about the idea of one day maybe being a photographer. I am creative, I am fun, I am eager to learn new things, and I am going to keep finding reasons why I should do this.  No more reasons why not.

I am excited to start this adventure and will share my journey as I learn the ins and outs of photography :)

Happy Friday!