Two yeas ago I sat down with a good friend of mine, Mel, and we tried to individually write down 100 life goals for ourselves.  Being ambitious people we thought this would be fairly easy, however, to our surprise it was not.  In fact, it was quite difficult.  As we sat at the kitchen table we struggled to come up with 100 things…I was only able to come up with 27.  I don’t think Mel came up with many more.  An activity that started out exciting ended on kind of a mellow note when we both felt defeated by our lack of aspirations.

Well, despite the lack luster outcome of my list, I kept it. Yes, I have toted around through a move and all a couple of wrinkled pieces of binder paper with 27% of my life’s goals written on them, and today I pulled it out.

I was reminded of it because I feel like I have so many new and different goals…one very large goal that I have already shared with you, my desire to learn about photography and become a photographer.  That wasn’t even on my radar two years ago and yet it is the thing I am most excited about working towards each day.

I believe goals are meant to change, adapt, and fit the current situation of our lives.  It is okay if they change. I don’t think it means we are giving up on one to start another, but rather that we have recognized that maybe it was a misguided goal to begin with.  We change, we adapt, so what shouldn’t our goals.  If you have 5 goals, 27, or 100…you are working towards something and that in itself is a wonderful thing.

Below is the list I came up with 2 years ago.  Some things have happened, most have not, and some seem irrelevant now.  Regardless, I have enjoyed looking over it and seeing where I am now vs. where I was then :)

  1. Get married (Done and done :)
  2. Go back to Italy (Check)
  3. Have children (Still a goal, but not any time soon)
  4. Own a boutique or cafe/bakery (Not so much anymore, I think this was me recognizing I wanted to be entrepreneurial, but I don’t think either of those are right)
  5. Visit New Zealand or Australia (Nope, not yet)
  6. Learn how to surf (I think this sounds cooler than I actually think it is)
  7. Take cooking classes (Yes, I would like to do this)
  8. Paint more (Love painting, still don’t do it enough)
  9. Understand how to invest (A work in progress)
  10. Buy a house (Maybe in a couple of years)
  11. Own a golden retriever (I hope so :)
  12. Host Thanksgiving dinner (My roomies and I did this)
  13. Attend NY Fashion week (I think I would die if this happens)
  14. Travel to Tahiti/Bora Bora (Yep, would still love to)
  15. Sit court-side at a basketball game (How cool would that be!)
  16. Invent something (Who knows, maybe I will…)
  17. Know how to change a tire (Sad, but I am still clueless)
  18. Meet the President (I wish)
  19. Own the entire Irregular Choice shoe collection (Really, this is just silly…maybe not the whole collection :)
  20. Read more (I still don’t ever read)
  21. Start a foundation/charity (Really want to do this)
  22. Be on TV (For what I am not sure, maybe one day we will find out)
  23. Meet Martha Stewart (Love her)
  24. Go on a medical mission with Scott (Still interested)
  25. Learn how to play chess well (Not sure about this one any more)
  26. Play in a tennis league (maybe not tennis necessarily, but a league of some kind)
  27. Inspire people (Hope I do)

I feel like I have so much more to add now and I am excited to make a new list that I can look back on in two more years :)

Happy Wednesday!