Today’s Plan:

  1. UPS delivers my new camera by 3pm
  2. Get really excited because my camera is here
  3. Open Camera
  4. Have fun taking some photots
  5. Leave at 3:30 to drive to San Francisco to watch our friends, Lady Danville play at Cafe Du Nord
  6. Take sides streets out of LA to beat traffic
  7. Long, leasurly car ride with Scott to San Fran
  8. Watch Lady Danville play an awesome set
  9. Hang out in San Fran with the boys of Lady D after
  10. Sleep

How today actually went:

  1. Camera arrives at 3:15
  2. Got really excited that my new camera arrived! :)
  3. No time to open…haven’t packed, yikes!
  4. A frenzy of phone calls making any task tricky
  5. Leave at 3:40 to head up to San Fran
  6. Pit stop at LAX to drop off a friend who needed a last minute ride to the ariport
  7. Get semi lost trying to take back roads out of LA
  8. Sit in traffic for 2 hours and then we finally reach the 5 North
  9. Admit defeat and realize that unless our car spontaneously turns into a hovercraft with a jet pack strapped to it, we are never going to make it to the Lady Danville show on time
  10. Exit freeway and turn around
  11. Eat at random, but yummy, Southern BBQ food at a place called Willy’s
  12. Start to drive home
  13. Sit in more traffic
  14. And I think Scott is already asleep

So, today ended up to be slightly different than originally planned and I am bummed we didn’t get to see our friends show, but it has been a great night. Gotta love rollin’ with the punches :)

Also, just because we didn’t get to enjoy the sweet sounds of Lady Danville doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  Make sure to check them out on myspace AND you can even vote to send them to South by Southwest next year which would be super awesome.  To vote visit: Thanks!


Happy Friday!