So, since our little road trip didn’t work out this weekend, Scott and I spent the day learning about my camera and going on a photography adventure.  We went to the Venice canals and the Santa Monica Pier.

I am not gonna lie, there were definitely some highs and some lows during our little endeavor.  I was super excited to finally get to use my camera, but really nervous that I was going to be terrible.  Now, I recognize this is the first time I have ever used a DSLR camera and chances are I am not going to be good for a while; however, I don’t like not being good at things and the thought of failure makes we want to shy away from things rather then try harder. Weird, I know.

Anyways, Scott was a great motivator and we had a lot of fun learning together. I think we started getting the hang of how the settings we were selecting effected the images.  Still a lot to learn for sure, but with this first hurdle out of the way and my nerves calmed I am exited to push forward. Can’t wait to go out again :)

Here are a few that I liked from today:










So, there you have it, my first day of shooting.  I think it went pretty well, but SO much to learn.

Thank you Scott for putting up with me when I get frustrated and cranky :) I love you!

Happy Saturday!