I am so excited because for the first time in seven years both of my sisters and I live in the same area! My youngest sister is heading off to college, which usually means going further away, but in this case it means she is moving closer to me and my other sister! Yay!

I am seven years older than my littlest sister and I am really looking forward to re-getting to know her. By that I mean that I am looking forward to getting to know her as a friend as well as a sister.  Seven years is quite an age gap when you’re 16 and your little sis is 9…not quite on the same page :) When I left for college I was 18 and my sister was 11 and that was the last time we lived in the same house and the same town for that matter! It is now seven years later and I feel like we finally get to reconnect and become even better friends.  We have always been close, but our lives our on more of an even playing field now so relating to each other becomes far easier and natural.

I have already had this experience with my little (but not littlest) sister.  When she moved down here 3 years ago we had the opportunity to re-get to know each other and even though I always loved my sister deeply, we had our separate lives and had grown up in each others absence.  Now, she is one of my bestest friends :)

I am just so excited for all of us to be together! This is going to be so much fun! They are wonderful young ladies and I love them so very much!

To getting to know the 3 of us again :)




Love you lil’ Nuggets! :)

Happy Wednesday!