Traffic is one of those things that 90% of the time makes absolutely no sense.

Living in LA, traffic is a part of my life everyday and so you would think over the years it would have become more clear why there is traffic pretty much all day, everyday.  There is no “rush hour” in Los Angeles, unless of course you are referring to a 20 hour time frame.  And only about 10% of the time does there seem to be a viable cause: stalled car, accident (and hopefully everyone is OK), construction, mattress in the middle of the road so some cop is getting a thrill out of doing that swurvy drive across all lanes in a zig-zag motion thing…anyways, these occurrences are infrequent relative to the constant amount of traffic.  I remain puzzled.  Why are freeways at a complete parking lot stand still and then all of the sudden, look, hey, I am driving 70…wow! Out of no where! There often appears to be no reason for the grid lock.  At least not an obvious one.  So, I have created a few theories of my own:

  1. Curves. People love to break around curves.  Note to drivers who brake around curves: it is unnecessary unless you are going to drive into the car in front of you.  Cars are built to handle curves so let them.
  2. Hills. As with curves, drivers love riding the breaks.  Again, not needed unless you are truly going to hit something.
  3. A group of people with too much time on their hands who strategically coordinate driving in a row at exactly the same speed so everyone else behind them must suffer a slow and painful drive.

However, I guess not all traffic is terrible if it allows us to capture images like this :) Maybe I will try and remember this the next time I am stuck on the 405…


I did not take this picture although I really wish I had :) Found it on Google Images.

Happy Thursday!