I would live in Anthropologie.

Seriously, it has everything I would need.  As long as someone brought me food and my husband could live there too, I would be set.  It has great home decor, bedding, bath, ambiance, and let’s not forget the clothes.  Oh, the clothes! Channeling my inner Rachel Zoe, “I die.” Their clothes tell stories, their clothes inspire style and beg for someone to step outside of the box.  I love clothing that is not conventional and maybe a little out there, but I feel it is in those special pieces that the world gets to catch a glimpse of the inner you.  The you no one can overtly see, but with clothing we get a sneak peak.

Friends have told me that if they had to describe me based on a store, that Anthropologie would be the store of their choice.  I am flattered. Here is a snapshot of some of the clothes I am in love with at Anthropologie now. I hope these pieces help you get to know the inner Laura :)

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-13-52Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-14-33

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-16-52Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-14-56

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-21-09Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-24-41


Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-15-35Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-22-31

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-16-03Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-16-31

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-25-19Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-23-57

Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-17-32Snapshot 2009-09-01 22-23-17

Look out Fall, Anthropologie and I have a date :)

Happy Tuesday!