Wow! It has been a busy weekend! A good weekend, but a busy one.  I have not been good about keeping up with my daily posts, and have slacked on my personal goal of posting something each day.  So, to make up for my slackerness I am going to do multiple posts today, that counts right? :)

So, here we go.

Wedding Videos vs. Photography

When Scott and I were planning our wedding we almost immediately ruled out budgeting in a videographer.  Photographs are a must and a classic way to capture beautiful moments on a hugely special day.  So, finding an amazing photographer was a ‘duh’ and having a videographer felt unnecessary and a way to save on our budget.  This is until my mom saw a the wedding video of one of her friends daughters.  My mom was so moved by the video and decided that her and my dad would hire the same videographer as a gift to us, and to themselves.

I was appreciative of my mom’s decision, but still not convinced of the need for a videographer.  Well, this weekend I became a believer.  My parents brought down our wedding video and we all viewed it together on Friday.  It is amazing.  It captured the essence of our day and gave us a glimpse of the day from an outside perspective.  On the day of your wedding you are being whisked around and are the center of attention so you forget that there is so much going on around you.

I wish I could share the video here because it is truly wonderful and a work of art that Scott and I will cherish forever. (Sneak Peak: If you go to metmedia’s website and go to watch/fusion samples, the 1st and 3rd our clips of our video :)

Ok, so my final take on a wedding videographer and photography.   A wedding photographer is a must have because there is something magical about the moments captured in a single shot.   So, be picky about your photographer and find someone that will capture your day in a style that fits you and your fiancé.  Now, a videographer.  I would consider this a must have luxury that if you can budget for…you should!  Maybe ask a group of relatives or friends to pitch in and help pay for it as their wedding gift to you.  It is a gift that will last far longer than the pots, pans, and toaster on your registry.  A video of your wedding day will be something you can proudly share with your children someday and is be a beautiful reflection on such a momentous occasion that you can look back on always.

So, I guess the short answer is, if you can have both, do it :)

Our wedding video was made by metmedia (amazingly cool group of guys!) in collaboration with our photographer, Jeffrey Neal of JNP Studios.  Our videographer and our photographer collaborated to make our video and the result was breathtaking.  Thank you to all involved, you have given us such precious gifts.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!