I heart Ellen :)

Ellen is hands down my favorite talk show host…not that I watch a lot of talk shows, but if I did she would still be it.  I so enjoy relaxing in the evening after work and sitting down on the couch to watch my dvr’s recording of the days Ellen show.  Ellen has such a great spirit about her that makes anything she does captivating.  She is gracious, funny, and extremely giving.  I am grateful to Ellen for doing what she loves to do and for putting a smile on my face everyday.  She inspires me to find my passion in life and to enjoy the journey along the way.

Here is a clip from her Season 7 opener today.  She danced with the top 10 dancers from this past season of So You Think You Can Dance (another one of my favorite television shows). It was almost too good to be true, “I die!” :)

Happy Tuesday!