Yesterday, Scott and I went to the Manhattan Beach Pier and I brought my camera so I could practice taking pictures.  I am really enjoying learning about photography, but I have to work on not being so hard on myself.  I would consider myself what I like to call, an impatient patient person.  I am patient with other people and situations, but I am extremely impatient with myself.  I do not like not being good at things and when something has a steep learning curve I tend to give up on myself quite easily.  I would rather not do it than view myself as a failure.  Well, I don’t like this and learning about photography is going to help me change it.  I may be a novice, but I am going to have fun learning about the art of taking pictures and enjoy the journey.  Granted it won’t always be a warm and fluffy process, and may be easier said than done…I have already had a few defeatist moments, but I am trying and for me, that is way more than half the battle :) I had a lot of fun taking pictures in Manhattan yesterday and below are a few of my favorites.  Enjoy.

The waves were awesome and boogie boarders were sure taking advantage



There was a “Jesus Surfer” (that is what Scott and I call them, I have no idea why) and I took some shots of him with the proper exposure, but then I thought it might be cool to try and over expose him and see if it made him stand out.  I was super happy with the result!


Ok, so then I was practicing depth of field shots by adjusting my aperture.  This is one of my handsome hubby who always so graciously lets me use him as my guinea pig :)


And this last one is of a cute little family (I feel like such a creeper when I take pictures of random people) Anyways…the poor moms underwear was hanging out so I shot this picture to make it a little more PG.


Happy Sunday!