So, this past weekend was a very ambitious photography weekend.  And by that I mean, that I actually went on a couple of photography adventures…as opposed to my usual one. :) The Manhattan Beach Pier on Saturday and a photo shoot with my lovely sisters on Sunday.

After much resistance, extensive convincing, and the promise of a large cup of coffee, my sisters finally made their way to my house so I could practice shooting in a more real life situation.  So, they got all dressed up and put on super fun outfits and we went to a nearby by elementary school.  I think we got some really wonderful shots and it was great practice for me to learn how to create an environment in a picture and give direction to my models.

My sisters were so much fun to shoot and we had a lot of fun! :) Thanks so much Nuggets! Love you.






I am not sure what is going on with the scarf, but we just went with it and I kinda like how this turned out :)


My favorite :)



Their “Rock Band” impression :)


Thanks for being such good sports! Love you so much! Meep :)

Happy Monday!