Well, I would like to pose the argument that men spend an unnecessary amount of time in the bathroom too.  When they poop!

(I know, probably not what you were expecting, and not the most dainty of conversations, but someone needs to point out this strange phenomenon.)

Oddly enough, this topic has been brought up in conversations among women only as well as in mixed company, and the theory still stands.  Guys sit in the bathroom forever when they go #2! Like seriously, an unusually long amount of time, most of which is not dedicated to going to the bathroom at all!

They sit, they do their business, and then they continue to sit, they read, they play games on their iPhone, they do who knows what, but somehow they spend up to 20 minutes doing it! Do men enjoy sitting on the toilet? Are guys feeling slighted because women always sit when they use the restroom, and so they make up for lost time when they poop!? As far as I know, and speaking personally, for women it is a get in get out situation.  We want to spend no more time than is necessary on the toilet.  Why would you, right?

Of course, I am sure there are exceptions to the rule in both parties, but I have strangely had a number of conversations with people about this to make me believe there is definitely a gender trending difference.

Again, I apologize for the off the cuff kind of post, but it is just such an odd and awkwardly true pattern of human behavior that just made me stop and think.  And so I propose this: Men will stop giving women grief for taking the extra 10 minutes to fluff their hair and curl their eyelashes (at least while in the bathroom we are working towards something, albeit vein) and women will look the other way when they see a man walk into the restroom with a book.


A great book :)

Happy Tuesday!