Yes, we have one of “those walls” with a bunch of pictures of us.  And I think it looks pretty great :)

For our wedding we framed about 30 pictures of us and placed them throughout the wedding venue. It was a great personal touch on the day of, but then the question became, “Now what do we do with all of them!?”

Well, my mom pulled the ones she liked and until this past weekend the rest were still sitting in boxes waiting for a home.  Scott and I had a blank wall above our bed and thought it might be cool to create a photo wall with some of the remaining images.

It was actually quite easy to do :) We pulled the frames we liked based on frame size and style and then laid them out in a pattern we thought looked good.  Once we figured that out, we used sheets of computer paper to represent the frames and taped them onto the wall, mirroring the pattern we had come up with.  After a little fine tuning we were ready to hang them. We hammered a nail into a sheet of paper, pulled the paper off,  and then hung the picture. This made it really easy to step back and look at the overall placement of the frames and it was quick and easy….and without any “oops” holes in the wall.

Here is the final result. :)


Whether you have a bunch of extra framed pictures laying around, an empty wall, or some awesome photos you want to display, a photo wall is a really fun way to create a stylish look with out spending a lot of money or time.

Happy Monday!