The other week, Dr. Zail Khalsa came to my office to talk about wellness and being fit (totally felt like a scene straight out of The Office: a varied group of quirky employees, standard training room setting, snacks, it had it all…minus the inappropriate comments from Michael Scott of course).

Anyways, the talk was very interesting and really made me start think about what wellness and being well means.  Dr. Zail pointed out that the idea of healthcare is all reactive and is really more of  a “sick care” system. We treat people who get sick and make them well again.  But what are we doing before they get sick to promote health? Are we doing anything? Is it a personal responsibility? A social responsibility? Not trying to get political,  I was just fascinated by the perspective of a medical professional who saw his own field as highly reactive.  So, he is trying to do something about it.  Dr. Zail believes in wellness and the overall care of yourself daily, being mindful of the choices you make for your body and soul.

Here are some of the things I wrote down and took away from the meeting:

  • Book: Talent is Overrated
  • Blog:
  • Blog:
  • Vitamin: D3 (not D2)
  • Vitamin: Omega 3 (Wild Salmon)
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Best exercise you can do: Kettlebell swing and dead lifts (apparently 15 minutes of these things are better than 1 hour at the gym!)
  • Mineral rich water
  • If you want to buy organic: coffee and butter products (other foods not necessary)

Those were the things I jotted down and I am not really qualified to try and explain, but if it spikes curiosity are things you can check out :)

As we go through each day, our daily routines (the long drive into work, the long day at the office, or whatever it may be) we should be proactive.  We should be proactive about our wellness.  I am going to try and do a better job about being mindful of my total well-being: mind, body, and soul.  Make the time for a walk.  Take a few extra minutes to concentrate on my breathing and clear my thoughts.  Spend the time making a home cooked meal instead of just deciding to go out for dinner.

I feel that to be well you need to be a little selfish. Make the time for yourself to feel like the amazing you that you are (wow, I am a total cheese ball right now).


Be well.

Happy Thursday!