So, last week I did a post about being well and staying healthy.  Apparently,  the universe must have thought that was quite funny beucase on Monday I got sick.  Yeah, that’s right.  Hello irony.

What makes this even more ironic is that I think I got sick from going to a yoga sculpting class (just keeps getting better…).  My friend invited me to go to a class with her and we had a great time, our muscles were shaking and our spirits were energized.  The class was fabulous and I left feeling really great.

Well, you know how they say not to exercise when you are sick…I think I had a very small, teeny tiny bug and then I turned it into a very large, ugly bug by over exerting my body and moving that little bug all around.

I very rarely get sick.  My immune system and I usually get along pretty well.  Not this time.

Anyways, I was not feeling so hot…to the point where Monday at work pretty much everyone in the office was like, “Are you ok?”…before I even opened my mouth.  It was bad.  I didn’t even have to speak and they knew.  I can only imagine that I must have looked like hell in a handbag and that it was just that obvious.

I think I have kicked the worst of it though; thanks to a large amount of vitamin C, Zicam nose spray gel (seriously intense stuff…I was such a whimp and made Scott try it before I did…oh, I am such a nerd), Tylenol cold and sinus, chicken noodle soup, sleep, and a wonderful husband who took good care of me :)

Moral to the story, if you are going to talk about health and wellness, be prepared to back it up…being sick and laying on the couch watching way too much Ellen does not make you look like a credible source. :)


Above is a wonderful pic taken by my hubby…while I was at the yoga sculpting class. True story.

Happy Wednesday!