This past Saturday was Halloween (which I am sure you already knew), and Scott and I donned some pretty stylish homemade, DIY costumes.  I was a flamingo and Scott was the Big Bad Wolf disguised as Grandma.  Pretty classic.  I think the wolf thing really worked for Scott, I have never seen him dance so much in my life! :)

Here are some pics we took before going out that night joined by my Ironman(girl) sis, Abby, and our good friends from SD, Sheriff and “I’m on a boat” (brilliant!). Enjoy!

IMG_1919 copy

IMG_1914 copy






DIY Costumes: Flamingo

Flamingo Tutu

  • Purchase 2 yards each of 2 shades of hot pink tulle
  • Purchase elastic band
  • Measure around waist
  • Cut elastic to fit your waist
  • Sew (I stapled because I can’t sew :) elastic band together to create a closed circle
  • Cut pink tulle into 3 inch strips
  • Tie around elastic band until desired fullness

Flamingo Mask:

  • Purchase plastic black eye mask
  • Purchase bag of hot pink feathers
  • Cover mask in feathers and glue down
  • Trim feather around edge of mask and eyes

I wore a hot pink leotard from American Apparel and black leggings.  Easy :)

DIY Costume: Big Bad Wolf

  • Purchase about a yard of wolf like fur
  • Find a pre-packed animal nose/ear set (we found a dog set)
  • Cut pieces of fur and hot glue over animal set
  • Purchase cheap black gloves
  • Hot glue fur onto gloves

To finish the look, Scott wore a large woman’s nightgown purchased for one dollar at a thrift store and some glasses. Easy peasy!

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween :)

Happy Monday!