I love my husband :)

I came out of our bedroom wearing a cocktail dress that I was trying on for our friends holiday party tonight. Scott smiled at me, kissed me as I leaned in to say hello, and told me to look under our Christmas tree.  I was like, “huh, why?” He grinned and told me that Christmas came early today.

Still confused, I made my way over to our tree (which in actuality was only like 2 feet away because we were sitting on the couch right next to it) and  I looked around for this potential mystery gift.  Low and behold, there it was a green gift bag with tissue sticking out, just waiting for me :)

I picked it up as excited a little kid on Christmas morning, sat next to my husband on the couch, and opened my surprise.

Inside the bag were two hand knit Christmas stockings each with our names embroidered on our respective stocking. The insides were lined with fabric Scott himself had picked out.  Mine lined with shoes (obviously :) and Scott’s lined with Scottie Dogs.  A special thank you to our friend Alex for helping sew in the personalized linings.  I know Scott would have been quite stuck without you.

So, here they are, our own Christmas stockings, that we will have forever and will always remind us of our first married Christmas. I love you Scott.

Happy Saturday!