This past Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting for the Skirball Cultural Museum’s Fiesta Hanukkah.  My dear friend Alex asked me tag along for the day and take pictures for the museum.  I am so grateful to her for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity to continue to grow as a photographer.  It was a beautiful event and I had such a wonderful time!

As I wondered around the lush grounds of Skirball I truly felt like a photographer, my fumble fingers trying to get the focus right and all.  :)   On Sunday,  I was a photographer.  I  was invested in capturing the sincere, and heart-felt moments of the day that would depict the sentiment of the event accurately for anyone who did not attend.

I am once again inspired.  I am committed to this journey and looking forward to where it continues to take me.

Here are some of my favorites from the day.

Happy Thursday!