That’s right. Sexy.

A guitar.

A cajon.

A keyboard.

A tree!

How could you go wrong!? Exactly, you can’t :)

And this past Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting my friend(s)??…not sure of the proper grammar here because Lady Danville is singular, but then there are three members, all of whom are my friends…aaaannnnyways…Lady Danville’s tree clade merchandise for their online merch store.  I was so excited when they asked me if I would do the shoot for them.  Like a little kid in a candy store I was overwhelmed, thrilled, and wanted to make sure I got the perfect piece of candy.  I wanted to get the perfect picture for my friends.

And so began what would be a perfectly rainy, and cold, shoot. :) On Saturday morning, Dan and Michael from Lady Danville, my dear friends Alex and Ting-Ting, my little sisters, and my handsome hubby all gathered at our house to meet for our photography adventure. Everyone changed into their Lady Danville T’s, accessorized appropriately, and then braved the rain to make this shoot happen. With all of our busy lives, sometimes a rainy day is the best day. :) So, we made it work.

Dan and Mike took turns holding an umbrella over me because I was terrified I would get my camera wet, and the lovely models pretended the goosebumps were fleeting, the rain light, and the wind, but a whisper.  Ok, I may be making this sound worse then it was.  Well, it was bad weather, but it was a whole lot of fun! And despite the freezing LA weather (that’s right it was like 60!) and the torrential down pour (at one point this was definitely true) I think we got some pretty cool shots.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Thank you Lady Danville for asking me to be your photographer :) You guys rock! And your shirts are sexy.

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Happy Wednesday!

Bonus shot:

And then my sisters remembered how much they enjoy playing in the rain :)