So, yesterday I had the privilege of attending the JNP Studios workshop hosted by Jeffrey Neal…who rocks, by the way! Jeffrey and his dear friend Eliesa (who is fabulous!) of Photogen Inc rocked the workshop with great insight into the world of wedding photography.

They shared the lessons they have learned from their own experiences and the many trials and tribulations of running a successful photography business. I am so thankful for their openness and willingness to share. I will be forever grateful :)

As part of the workshop, we were able to take pictures of models and real life, lovey-dovey couples.  My group and I had the privilege of working with Christy and Jared who were so patient, warm, and a whole lot of fun!

Thank you to Christy and Jared for rocking it out! Wishing you all the best and have an awesome July wedding….which I know will be amazing! :) Here are some of my favorite images of the couple that I snagged…enjoy!

A BIG thank you to everyone who was a part of yesterday.

You have inspired me.

And I am grateful :)

Happy Tuesday!