As most of you know, I have started my journey as an aspiring photographer, and it has been an eye-opening experience (to say the least!).

When I had my epiphany, my understanding of what it truly means to be a photographer was naïve and only scratched the surface. I slowly began to peel back the layers of my new found onion and realized that there is so much more to merely picking up a nice camera and creating a great image. Whoa, like a WHOLE lot more! :)

One of the things I hadn’t really thought about, and one of the elements of being a photographer that I am finding to be the most important, is directing the subjects of your photo.  At work, I can delegate tasks, follow-up, make sure things get executed, no problem…done and done.  However, in the instants that pass when working with my “models” I freeze, I feel unsure, and I doubt myself.  To combat this, I decided the best way was head on…practice.  Now, the tricky part became, who to practice with? I needed real couples, real groups of people who would most emulate a real working photography environment.  So, I did the only thing that seemed to make sense.  I e-mailed my friends :) I received such a wonderful response, and this weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Kristina in Austen in Manhattan Beach. Of course, the one day we have to shoot the weather is on the fritz, but we managed to nail the timing somehow and avoided the down pour (barely) :)

Thank you Kristina and Austen for being so much fun to work with :)

Thanks again Kristina and Austen! You guys rocked it out!!! :)

Happy Sunday!