So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day…a day that has a different meaning for everyone.  Some love it, some loath it, some don’t care about it, and some long for it.  Whatever your take on it, there is always someone in your life you can show you love: your mom, your friend, your neighbor.  It is a day that should be celebrated everyday, because the people you love should always feel loved…period.

We don’t need fluffy white bears, or over priced roses, or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, or our names written in the sky…sometimes, football is exactly what we need.

So, yesterday, Scott and I spent part of the day with some of the people we love playing none other than…football.

Here’s to Valentine’s Day football and celebrating the people in your life.

All images were taken on my Instax Camera…love that thing! :)

Happy Monday!