This weekend Scott and I traveled up to Danville so I could take a some family photos for our friends (I will post those soon :), and while we were driving back to LA today I was in awe of I-5. Now, I have never been in awe of I-5, and in fact, I most often strongly dislike I-5.  It is crowded with semi trucks, straight, flat, and a myriad of brown.  However, today it was anything but brown, it was beautiful.  It was eye candy for my soul.  It was in bloom and green and pink and puffy white clouds floated through the ocean blue sky.

I was so taken by the orchards and color that Scott and I pulled off the road to sneak a few pictures of I-5 that is rarely seen. Here is one of my favorites…I think we are surrounded by almond trees :)


Happy Sunday!