I have known Danielle and Steve for, oh gosh, maybe 8 years now. We all went to high school together, and I have had the pleasure of watching their relationship grow from high school sweethearts, to happily married, and now to a beautiful family.  Danielle and Steve welcomed Parker into their lives about eight months ago, and this past weekend I was able to capture this time in their lives, as a new family, through photographs.  I feel so lucky to be able to create snap shots in time for my friends and others to cherish forever.

We had such a wonderful time together and Parker was such a trooper! He held out for a solid 45 minutes! He is so darn cute and the sweetest most well-behaved little guy! No crying, no fussing, a true model.  I think he has a future in the industry :)  Thank you Danielle, Steve, and Parker for allowing me to be a part of the love that you all share.  It is contagious.


Happy Wednesday!