Technology free what? That’s right, a night with no technology.

No cell phones. No TV. No computers. Yes, lights and microwaves are still permitted…I am not talking about, “let’s hang out by candle light and cook over an open fire” (as Scott jokingly commented when I mentioned the idea of a technology free night to him).

I am talking about a night where we disconnect from our outside world for a little bit and we really connect with the world immediately around us. No more relying on technology to fill the gaps in time and entertain us.

This idea was presented to me by the very talented Rosaura Sandoval at the JNP Studios Workshop I attended a month or so ago, and therefore I can hardly take credit for the idea, but I will definitely advocate for it.  Shortly after the idea hit my ear, I shared it with Scott and suggested that one night a week we put away the technology and just hang out.  As I alluded to earlier, my suggestion fell on cynical ears and was not taken very seriously.  However, I pushed the idea and encouraged Scott that we at least give it a shot.

Well, since that first conversation, we now have one night a week where we put away our phones, leave the TV off, and keep our computers at bay. And it is FABULOUS. I love it. Believe it or not, Scott loves it too :)

We now walk into town to get tea and chat, we play board games, we talk about our goals as a couple, we make each other laugh, and we simply enjoy our time together.

Now, I use/love technology as much as the next person, but it has been so nice to devote that one night a week to really enjoy my time with Scott.  It may seem like a strange concept, and it might even feel a little un-natural at first, but I would wager that it becomes your favorite night of the week.

Every now and then, kickin’ it old school is pretty great :)

If you give this a shot, I would love to know what you think.  Here’s to a little less technology and a little more face-to-face :)

Happy Thursday!

P.S. The game ‘Last Word’ rocks! And I beat Scott pretty much every time…so that helps :)