Daniella and I met 7 years ago at our freshman orientation in college, and we instantly hit it off.  However, we knew there was the possibility that we would live on opposites ends of campus and our paths may not cross as often as we had hoped. I remember Daniella saying, “wouldn’t it be awesome if we were roommates!?” And I was thinking, this girl is crazy if she thinks we could actually end up as roommates! With all the students that were there….the odds of that happening were, well in my mind, impossible.

Oh, me of little faith.

A month or two later we show up on move in day. And guess who is my roommate? Andi.

Nope, not Daniella.  No, no, she lived directly across the hall. :) So, she may not have fully predicted our living situation freshman year, but she came pretty dang close.  And I am sure glad she did.

Throughout our years together at USC we became very close and I also got to know, her now husband, Alex.  Daniella and Alex are high school sweethearts, and could not be more perfect for each other.  I love them each individually, but they are magic when together.

Last weekend we did a fun little, post marriage, pre-almost-moving-into-a-new-house (yay!) shoot in Laguna Beach.  We had so much fun and it was such an honor for me some 7 years later to capture this time in their lives.

To my wonderful friends, Daniella & Alex, thank you and I hope you enjoy! :)

Happy Monday!

Have a wonderful week :)