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Cheese is delicious.

Who doesn’t love some yummy queso to go along with chips, right?  Scott and I frequent one restaurant for just that.  Chips and queso.  I know, maybe a little much to drive 30+ minutes for an appetizer, but I promise you the Cafe R+D dip duo with queso is well worth the drive.

The last time we were at Cafe R+D we decided that we should try and figure out how to make the queso so we could eat it whenever we wanted and not have to trek to the restaurant.  So, that is exactly what we did.  We created our own Cafe R+D queso.  And I am not gonna lie it may be better than the original.  Ok, so here is how you make this super delicious and easy dip:


1 block of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese cubed

1 jalapeno finely chopped

1 poblano pepper (recipe will only use 1/3 of pepper) chopped

2 Tbsp mayo

Splash of milk

First, roast the poblano pepper in a frying pan on your stove.  Place the pepper directly into the hot frying pan, crisping the outside (will kind of look like a roasted marshmallow) and allow to sweat and roast on all sides. Once the pepper is ready peal the skin off an cut off a third of the pepper. Chop the 1/3 of the pepper into small pieces.


Ok, once you have all the ingredients prepped and ready to go, place the cheese, jalapeno, poblano, and mayo into a blender.  Pulse until in creates a chunky mixture and begins to blend all of the ingredients.  Then add the splash of milk and continuing pulsing until the milk in mixed in and all ingredients create a chunky blend.  We added finely chopped red bell peppers at the last minute and that was a tasty addition .  Corn may also be a yummy treat to add (haven’t tried it yet, but it seems like it would be good).

When you are all done it will look like this:


And that’s it! Total time to prep and make is maybe 15 minutes.  So, it is super quick and easy and would be a great thing to take to a tailgate, a bbq, or any sort of pot luck. Hope you enjoy :)

Happy Sunday!


Now, if you are like me.  The thought of making sushi sounds daunting, overwhelming, and not worth the hassle.  However, Scott and I have found a way to make sushi that is fun, easy, and delicious.

The hardest part about sushi is the rice…it needs to be that perfect stickiness. Achieving the perfect sticky rice is a long process that, honestly, who has time for!?  So, the next best thing…buy it! You can go to your local Whole Foods, or grocer with a sushi counter, and ask to purchase the sushi rice.  And as easy as that you have just concurred the toughest part of this dinner challenge.  I would also encourage you to buy sushi grade fish from them as well…this will take the guess work out which fish is the right kind to use.  Once you have these 2 ingredients the rest is easy.

You can head over to the produce department and pick out your favorite veggies: carrots, cucumbers, red peppers, avocados…whatever fits your fancy.  While in the store, pick up a great miso sauce and maybe even some macadamia nuts to add a little extra crunch.  The possibilites are endless and up to you.

Once you have all the goods for inside the roll make sure to pick up nori (seaweed) and a bamboo roller (you will need this to actually roll the sushi…comes with a sushi kit for about $5 at Whole Foods and will be well worth the multiple uses it gets :)

If you purchase the sushi kit it comes with instuctions on how to assemble a roll, but if not, you can always watch a ‘how to’ on You Tube.

Making sushi is perfect for a romantic date night with the hubby, a great way to impress a new guy or gal, or a fun spread to make for a cocktail party with friends. It may sound like a lot to purchase, but the cost is still less than going out to a trendy sushi spot and the fun of making it is more than worth it!

Here are some rolls Scott and I made:


Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Best joke my sister ever told me, as told to her by a 6-year-old:

“What did the sushi say to the bee?”

“Wa-sa-bi!?” Ahahaha…gets me every time :)

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